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Al-Rashideen Army to the Americans: Don't walk behind a mirage, we will fight you till the last man falls

Roads to Iraq

October 3, 2007

This is an interview with the leader of the Al-Rashidenn Aramy "Adil
Al-Zahawi" [first time the name of the leader has been revealed], published
yesterday on the Haq news Agency.

Tell us about the beginning

Al-Rashdenn Army was established in the first days of the occupation and
began to collect weapons that were left in Rustamiya [Iraqi regular
Army military camp] and the rest of the outskirts of Baghdad, and
declared itself militarily when fighters carried out an attack on the
occupation army patrol after nine days of the occupation of Baghdad,
and clashed with a police patrol in the tunnel Karkh side of
Baghdad after Friday afternoon prayers on (18/4/2003), we didn't
document these attacks with videos or images, because we didn't adopt
this tactic at that time.

The Al-Rashideen Army is located in different parts of Iraq, if you follow
our attacks videos you will notice that, including the North and South

What about the political agenda and objectives?

These are some of the main features of our political program and
whoever wants to learn more he can check the program issued by
the Jihad and Reform front which we are part of.

1- Armed resistance and cooperating with the entities that opposed to

the occupation and recognize that the resistance as
the legitimate representative of Iraq have the right to

2- Working to rebuild the political society and the Iraqi state based
on justice, and work to create institutions that serve the community
and provide a decent life for all Iraqis.

3- Work for the liberation of Iraq from foreign occupation and achieve
full independence, ensure people's freedom, the full political and
economic independence and reject influence and guardianship from any
external force on the country's interests and to bind the occupiers
compensate the Iraqi people for all the material and moral damage due
to the invasion and its consequences.

4- Work to free all prisoners from the occupation forces and the
government prisons and honoring the martyrs who paid the highest price
for freedom.

5- To identity Iraq as an Arab, Islamic state and its natural
wealth belongs to all Iraqis, regardless of their affiliation.

6- Recognize as illegal the constitution, treaties and laws which were
drawn up after the occupation, which harm the sovereignty and the
interests of Iraq.

7- Reject any demographic or geographical changes made under occupation,
and work to resolve disputes arising prior to the occupation, when
circumstances are favorable after the departure of the occupation,
taking into account the specificity of Kurdish issue that can be discussed
with our brothers the Kurds under the provisions of Justice, under the
framework of a free and independent State of Iraq

Are you are certain of the withdrawal of the occupation forces? What
do you have in mind after the withdrawal?

Yes, we are certain, because our land never yielded to an occupier,

you can browse history to know that brutal forces always
looked at Iraq, but all attempts failed, these sons of this blessed
land have dedicated themselves to stay free.

As for the question of our preparation for the withdrawal of enemy
forces, we believe that the expulsion of the occupation will provide a
suitable ground for Iraqis, and Iraqis experienced and learned
important harsh lessons about the forms of ethnic and sectarian
parties who came with the occupation, it can be beneficial to the
Iraqis to choose the form of the State, which serve their religion and
their country and the future generations. Iraqis are capable to
make the right choice.

The jihadist factions are to blame for leaving Baghdad City for the
militias and the occupation forces, what do you say about that?

Resistance factions never abandoned Baghdad, but the nature of the war
is to use different tactics. Jihadist factions are using various plans
based on hit-and-run where they cannot hold ground or a particular
place because they will be an easy target, especially after many
people who came with the occupation are still working for the
occupiers as spies.

What do you say about the recent fights among resistances factions?

We the Al-Rashideen Army always mediated between the resistance factions;
all fighters are brothers and their rifles are always directed to the

We believe that the fighter who sacrificed himself for his religion
and homeland is more careful to preserve the blood of other factions.

There were many situations we had to postpone our operations against
the enemy because we knew that it will hurt civilians, soon we will
publish videos to confirm this.

What about the negotiations between some factions and the occupation
forces sponsored people within the political process, are part of part
of this issue?

We do not rush to sit and negotiate with the occupier, and we will not
hold any contacts with the occupier unless it preceded by a paper
agreement of principles and guarantees, and the decision is agreed by
the majority factions in the battle of Jihad, and with God’s will it
started to emerge in recent days in the signing of unity among factions which
makes negotiations easier when the time approaches.

Last year you released your very popular English video called "The
code of silence", how do you see the performance of jihadist media in
general? Do you have anything new?

There is generally no parallel between Mujahdeen media and their
military operations, due to three reasons:

First, the strength and domination of the enemy’s information machine
has great expertise, capabilities and range.

Second, limited experience of the people in this field, who need a
long period of practice to gain the necessary jihadist media experience.

Third, the blackout practiced by much of the media and unfortunately this
applies even to some media with professional objectivity.

In the code of silence released to explain some aspects of our work,
especially with regard to the ability to access our goals, and issued
in two versions, one in Arabic and the second in English, we addressed
the American President, and our message was clear, that we have to
defeat them and victory is for us.

I like to tell the readers through your site that the Information
Office of the Al-Rashideen Army are now issuing a new videotape like
the code of silence will be directed to the American public.

Recently the formation of the Jihad and Reform Front was announced, is
this fronts in the interest of the resistance?

Any effort to unite the resistance against the occupation would
inevitably be in favor of the resistance not to mention that this is a
legitimate duty and a national necessity.

Are there changes and developments following the emergence of these fronts?

We do not want to anticipate events in the first stages, currently
we will not reveal our plans to keep the enemy in a state of anticipation with

stressed nerves.

What is your vision of a form of government in Iraq after the occupation?

We said previously that we believe that the withdrawal of the
occupation will provide the suitable ground for Iraqis, and we
believe that the Iraqis will agree among themselves on the form of
government based on their Islamic Arab heritage, which represents the
majority in Iraq, taking into account the rights of minorities.

What about the conflict between the Shiite parties and resistance
recently, Will it be in the interest of the Iraqi resistance?

We generally reject these subdivisions, and the circulation of such
sectarian terminology because it came with the occupation of which

they have tried to take advantage.

We generally divide Iraqi society into two categories, one against the
occupation, all colors and spectrums of the Iraqi people, and one
collaborating with the occupation, and this category includes all Iraqis,
Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen, Muslims and Christians, Sunni, Shiite, and
here we do not look at the this conflict as a conflict between communities,
whether Shiite or non-Shiite, but due to the fact that these forces agreed to
cooperate with the occupation.

Final word, to the factions, the Iraqi people, the American people?

We say to our brothers and comrades of Jihad: be proud and unified.

We say to the Iraqi people you are support and extension, be patient, we
will not abandon you or the country.

To the American people we say: How long do you want to walk behind the
mirage? Tell your leaders to return to their senses and seek to
preserve what is left of our blood and your soldiers blood, we will
not go back from our duty of fighting your soldiers, we will keep
fighting till the last man falls.


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