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"Zahhar: Hamas Has no Intention To Apply Military Takeover Experiment..."

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On October 29, the pro-Hamas newspaper Filistin carried the following report by Husam jahjuh:

“Dr Mahmud al-Zahhar [pictured right - OURAIM], a leading figure in the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has denied that his movement intends to carry out a 'military takeover' in the West Bank governorates similar to what it did in Gaza. At the same time, he refutes the statements by the leaders of the Ramallah government about his movement holding meetings with the Israelis.

“Al-Zahhar's statements came in response to President Mahmud Abbas's statements in which he indicated that his security apparatuses had information to the effect that the Hamas Movement is planning a military takeover in the West Bank similar to what it did in Gaza. In a statement to Filastin, Al-Zahhar affirmed his movement's right to defend itself against those he called the 'criminals' who are violating honour of people and the sanctity of mosques and universities in the West Bank.

“He asks: "Will the Palestinian people in the West Bank remain silent over these transgressions?" He also says: "I believe that the Gaza experiment presents itself." The former foreign minister also denies claims by Presidency Secretary General Al-Tayyib Abd-al-Rahim about meetings taking place between the Hamas Movement and Israelis. He says: "This is a clear lie.

“The voice recording evidence that he talks about is a just a recording of the voice of an Israeli journalist who was at the office of the war minister and contacted a journalist in Gaza. The Palestinian journalist is considered to be close to the Hamas Movement." Al-Zahhar also says: "If Hamas's sitting down with (Israel) is a crime, they are sitting down with its leaders in their homes and not just their offices.

“This is a kind of psychological collapse and they want to say that everyone is sitting down with (Israel) and that everyone recognizes. This is a lie and fabrication and everyone knows that Hamas is far from it." AL-Zahhar denounced what Abd-al-Rahim said in press statements that Hamas had tried to cause a rift within Fatah in preparation for attacking the security apparatuses in Gaza.

“He says: "Fatah was fragmented without being fragmented by Hamas and when it joined the primary elections to choose the Fatah Movement's candidates in the legislative elections its members opened fire on some of those candidates. Also, the Fatah of Dahlan and Abu-Mazin used to organize marches against Abu-Ammar, accusing him of corruption."

“Al-Zahar also accused the Fatah Movement of carrying out a coup against the national unity government. He asks: "Who killed the martyr Muhammad Abu-Karsh while we were in Mecca? Who opened fire on the cabinet headquarters in Gaza? Who opened fire on the prime minister's house? Who brought the money from Dayton?" He noted that the Fatah Movement had tried to carry out against the results of the legislative elections. He says: "They failed and the outcome of the battle is that they were defeated."

“Al-Zahhar strongly denied the existence of any attempts at contacts between his movement and the Israeli occupation with the aim of securing food for the Gaza Strip in return for security for the occupation. He says: "The ones who decided to cut off the supply materials are the likes of Al-Tayyib Abd-al-Rahim, Sa'di al-Kurunz and Salam Fayyad. This is the group that decided to cooperate with the occupation in blockading the Palestinian people."

“The leading figure in the Hamas Movement emphasized that his movement will continue the resistance and defence of the Palestinian civilians, denying that his movement would stop firing rockets in return for a halt to the occupation's operations in the Strip. He says: "What is happening on the Palestinian stage is known. The relationship between the Gaza Strip borders with the land occupied in 1948 is watched by the world and its news are broadcast at first hand and does not need the lies of Al-Tayyib Abd-al-Rahim and the likes of him."

“He also affirmed the Fayyad government's keenness and insistence on the dialogue with (Israel). He says: "There are weekly sessions taking place between those (buffoons) and their Israeli counterparts. Those people do not represent the Palestinian street, but they represent their interest and have no choice but to hold dialogue with the Israeli occupation."

“Legislative Council Member Al-Zahhar also noted that the Fatah Movement never committed to any agreement it had signed with the Palestinian factions. He says: "They did not implement any of the clauses of the March 2005 Cairo agreement and they did not implement any of the National Accord document, and subsequently reneged on the Mecca Agreement. He says: "(Israel) is the plan and destination of those people."

“The former foreign minister denounced President Mahmud Abbas's tour of Arab and Islamic countries with the aim of persuading them to participate in the normalization conference and the same time calling on Syria not to hold the conference of the Palestinian factions, which is scheduled to be held in Damascus to emphasize Palestinian constants.

“He explained that the aim of the conference of the Palestinian factions. He says that the aim is to emphasize the Palestinian people's constants, pertaining to the land, Jerusalem, borders and the right of return. This is in addition to other constants pertaining to economic resources, strategic depth, human rights, democracy and respect for human rights. He says: "The factions will affirm that the negotiator who goes to Annapolis does not represent the Palestinian people, and what this conference yields is not binding to the Palestinian people." - Filistin newspaper

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