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Interview with American journalist with
Dr.Ali al-Neeme of Islamic Army in Iraq (IAI)

Islamic Army of Iraq website

January 3, 2008

Allah helped your brothers in Al-Boraq Media Organization to coordinate an interview for one of the pressman for one of the Anti Iraq War sites with the struggling Sheikh Dr. Ali al-Neeme the media spokesman of the Islamic Army in Iraq...

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers

Praise be to Allah, prayers and peace be upon his messenger
Allah helped your brothers in Al-Boraq Media Organization to coordinate an interview for one of the pressman for one of the Anti Iraq War sites with the struggling Sheikh Dr. Ali al-Neeme the media spokesman of the Islamic Army in Iraq. And because of the clarity of the answers and its severe attack of the American Administration the Anti war website abstained from publishing the interview, so your brothers in blessed Al-Boraq Media Organization published the interview in English and Arabic, asking Allah -the God of all creatures to make it faithful to him.

Text of the interview:

Answers of Dr. Ali Neeme the media spokesman of the Islamic Army in Iraq.

Questions for the meeting with the American journalist Mark Rothschild

As you know, the American political establishment is becoming more divided over the continued occupation of Iraq . One US Presidential candidate has even pledged to withdraw all US forces from Iraq, leaving behind no US forces and no US military bases.

In the event a complete US military withdrawal actually begins and a US pledge of "no military bases" is given, would the IAI consider facilitating an orderly withdrawal of US troops?

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, Whom only we ask for help. First, I would like to say that I appreciate your anti-war efforts against the war launched on Iraq and the Islamic world; this war which our, as well as your sons tested its evils. Here we want to confirm that we are very keen to save blood but we will sacrifice it to defend our nation, our country, and our humanity.
Regarding your question, we called the American administration to make negotiations, in case that happens, this will be one of the issues we can discuss because we are keen to save the blood of both people.

2 Can you describe when the IAI first formed, and what relationship if any its members have to previously existing groups such as the Ba'ath party?

Months before the war, some of our army leaders felt that the chance of war to break out was high. They felt that the Iraqi army wouldn't last as a result of collapsing morale since the Gulf War in 1991, so they started preparing for the stage after invasion within an Islamic project. Some of our brothers were arrested and we lost some others before 9/4/2003. The declaration of the name of the IAI came late because our leaders hoped that all Jihadists would fight as one group, but after the announcement of some other groups we announced ourselves. We don’t have any relation with any organization linked to the Ba'ath party, even they are very little.

3 What are the long range political goals of IAI?

The IAI has a moderate Islamic ideology and its own political program which stresses our political goals. At the top of these goals is eliminating occupation of all kind and putting an end to its effects so that we can establish our fair, equity and rights of all Iraqi society and sects in one state.

4 Does the US media accurately portray the activities of the IAI? If not, how does the US media misrepresent the activities of the IAI?

Based on our observation of some American media channels (carried out by the Observation and Watching segment in IAI Central Media Committee), we realized that the American media is politicized and the main view towards Iraq in most of these channels depends on false conceptions. These false conceptions exist for many reasons, one of these reasons is that they are following the policy put out by the American administration for getting the news. It is called News Pool where about 3000 media men were permitted to work under their eyes in Kuwait and Qatar particularly, 500 reporters were planted on the military bases all over Iraq. Now they replaced News Pool policy with a new policy which works on controlling those media men and securing only those who will follow them. Some of these false conceptions are: dealing with all the Iraqi resistance groups as one organization and focusing on its mistakes -or what they are accused of- against the Iraqi people, describing the resistance operations as violence, linking them to some organizations which have their own agendas, linking us with Al Qaeda and Baathists, providing false numbers of the U.S army casualties, hiding the tragedy and collapsing morale of the American troops and cases of soldiers that escape and don't return to Iraq, cases of suicide and neurological and psychiatric diseases they are suffering from even after their return to the USA; the media depended on the reports of some politicians who told lies and deceived America to wage a war against a people it didn't know anything about, not its religion, the traditions or the customs. This is generally; regarding the IAI particularly, IAI suffered a lot from neglect and distortion of its activities. However in the last year, IAI could break this barrier itself and delivered its message to the American people using their language through two releases, the first one was Baghdad Sniper which shows the real tragedy of America sons lives in Iraq and how they die there. The second one was Lee's Life for Lies which was a message written by one soldier to his family in America, but he couldn’t deliver it so we did that instead of him. These two releases had a big effect in the American and western Media but unfortunately some news media tried to show doubt on them and we call the American people to watch them and understand the message we wanted to send.

5 Do you think that the American people misunderstand the aims of the Resistance? If so, what message would you like to give to the American people about the political goals of the Resistance?

Yes, the American people don't understand and are unaware of the goals of the Iraqi resistance otherwise why did they re-elect Bush to be a president again? We believe that he bears full responsibility for the huge crime against our nation and people. We are a people of an ancient and renewed civilization, we have the basics and the power for civilization. You have a civilization of power, but if we look at the history we will find that civilization of power may win its wars but won't defeat the nations which have power of civilization. People war is the hardest war because the politic systems may be defeated but the people will win even after long years of suffering and pain. Our goals are to throw the occupation forces out of our country, it is our right recognized by all the religions, laws and customs. We call the American people to resist whoever wants to invade their land but we warn them of attacking others. We call for peace not only for our country and our nation but for the whole of humanity. We want our country to be ruled by its honest and sincere sons according to a constitution we have written ourselves according to our rules and society's nature. We seek to build a homeland based on fairness, equality, respect for human rights, relations with neighboring countries, civilized interconnection and human coexistence. We will deal with everybody evenly with these values even with the USA, but without occupation, regency or arrogance.

6 What is your opinion of the US claim that some Resistance groups are seeking to divide Iraq along sectarian lines?

The sectarian division of Iraq was a result of the sectarian sharing of power which was imposed by the occupation since the forming of ruling councils passing by all the governments which were formed under its shadow, so the occupation takes the responsibility of the sectarian actions as well as the political forces that came with it. On the other hand, the Iraqi resistance groups are very keen to protect Iraq's identity and unity; all of them have Iraq in their names and confirmed that they will fight until they free Iraq entirely, from its north to its south. We will work to defeat the sectarian project whatever side calls for it.

7 Is the political goal of IAI a unified Iraq or a federal Iraq?

Our resistance is to liberate the whole of Iraq and to preserve Iraq's identity and unity. Unity of Iraq is a good thing not only for Iraq's sons but for the whole region and the Arabian Nation because there will be neither local nor global peace without a unified Iraq taking into account the privacy of some of its sects and guaranteed respect of this privacy.

8 If the political goal of IAI is to preserve a unified Iraq, can the political program of the IAI facilitate establishment of reconciliation between national groups – especially between Sunni and Shia?

Yes, our political program adopted these principles in practice, not only in words, and it has its own efforts to achieve that unity, so we find the IAI has great respect from all Iraq's sons, the internal relations section in our political bureua witnesses unique activity and support on this side especially from tribesmen, qualified people, the upper classes and students.

9 On what political basis can reconciliation between the Shia and Sunni communities go forward? Can such reconciliation result in a unified Iraq? If reconciliation were possible, then what would be the political preconditions for such reconciliation?

Putting any preconditions on this side will frustrate the project in its first steps because we consider them as insulting. We see that any political reference depends on the occupation or its achievement under occupation won't be able to manage this project because it is a part of the problem itself and not a part of the solution. The presence of external forces and their extensions in Iraq is also a part of the problem so we believe that the withdrawal of occupation forces is the most important factor for this project's success. We believe that Iraqis, in all their sects, are able to overtake the negative effects of the occupation in all its shapes and they will meet together and when they do that a lot of the obstacles will be eliminated one by one and they will achieve together the communal life which they lived before the occupation.

10 Is the Ba'ath party in its present form a unified political party, and does it play a significant part in the Resistance?

One of the most important reasons which gave the Ba'ath party this weight in the Iraqi scene is the wrong politics which the American occupation forces followed and because they put themselves and their decisions under the control of parties which have a lot of hate and a sense of revenge. As a result of that, more than a million Iraqis were killed and eight million displaced inside or outside Iraq, tens of thousands of qualified Iraqi people were killed or displaced, sectarian violence increased, diseases spread, the official circles and foundations broke down, so the people started longing for the previous government before the occupation in spite of its mistakes and crimes because those mistakes and crimes were not comparable with those done by the occupation and the sectarian government working under its eyes. The American administration, especially Bremer, changed the effect of the Ba'ath party on the Iraqi scene and started the concessions about uprooting the Ba'athist law and the pride of the American leaders and the government at their meetings with some Ba'athist leaders or some Ba'athist resistance groups. This is in general but regarding the presence of the Ba'athist resistance in the Iraqi resistance: their ratio is very small with no real effect on the resistance but most of that is only lies and false speech, the American military and administration will fall again in mistakes if they started negotiations with the Ba'athist as if they are the Iraqi resistance and if they don’t correct this they will gain more failures, losses and their political and military goals will flounder.

11 In what ways does the political program of the IAI differ from the political program of the Ba'ath party and other Resistance groups?

The program of the Islamic resistance groups including the IAI is far away from the political program of the Ba'ath party which we confirmed previously its presence and effect on the Iraqi scene is very weak. The project of all the Islamic resistance groups relies on achieving benefits for the nation and protecting the identity of it. We are very keen to achieve this principle which says by what Iraq will be ruled not by whom, the important thing is writing the constitution which Iraq will be ruled with as well as assuring that this will be done by good and honest people.

12 President Bush claims that the US is fighting "Al Qaeda in Iraq". President Bush uses this claim to justify the continued occupation of Iraq, claiming that "Al Qaeda in Iraq" poses a terrorist threat to the United States. In your view, is "Al Qaeda in Iraq" a significant part of the Resistance?

This is one of the fallacies and illusions which Bush planted in mind of the American people. Yes, Al Qaeda is here in Iraq but its ratio is not that much, it took its place because of the kind of big destructive military operations which a lot of Iraqi resistance groups don’t agree with and refuse to do. One of the American military studies mentioned in one statistic of the military operations for some period of time, Al Qaeda made up only 5% of the operations targeting the American forces. Bush's description of Al Qaeda and that it is the only side which launches attacks is to deceive the public in America and the world that the Iraqi people and especially the tribesmen refuse supporting the resistance and fights with them because they fight Al Qaeda. This nothing more than illusion because fighting between tribesmen and Al Qaeda was a result of Al Qaeda's wrong actions and we want here to confirm that most of Iraqi tribesmen still support the Iraqi resistance groups which fight the occupation forces in all its shapes and colors.

13 What are the most important differences between the political program of the IAI and groups like "Al Qaeda in Iraq"?

We didn’t see any political program of Al Qaeda organization except their project to set an Islamic Dawla (country), we clarified our remarks and objections before about that project via the message sent by the leader of the IAI to Al Qaeda leaders in Iraq.

14 In your estimation, Is "Al Qaeda in Iraq" a genuine Iraqi Resistance group, a branch of Osama Bin Laden’s organization, or an Iraqi group generally sympathetic to Osama Bin Laden’s goals, but acting independently of Osama Bin Laden’s organization?

We gave our description about Al Qaeda before, if you want to know more you can ask Al Qaeda men themselves because we won’t talk on behalf of others or ask the American administration about them.

15 After the United States withdraws completely from Iraq a post-occupation government will probably take power in Baghdad. Will the IAI participate in a post-occupation government? If so what role would the IAI play in the post-occupation government?
16 In the view of the IAI, what form should the post-occupation Iraqi government have? Should Iraq have a parliamentary system? If not, what kind of political arrangement does the IAI advocate for the post-occupation government?

We find a strong relation between the two questions so the answer will be one: First of all, we want to clarify that the IAI presented an elementary conception about the nature of the government under the occupation and said in one interview with Al Forsan magazine: " it will be good if a professionals government (technocrat) is set to manage people's needs until the occupations withdrawal, but we think that it is very hard as the sectarian safawists and takfiris are still there in the government and in all of its foundations". About the possibility of establishing a government after the occupations withdrawal the IAI leader said:" It is well known that all the political colors are there in Iraq and this is not a new situation and dealing with it is also not a new thing, we studied this topic very well from all of its religious, political, historical and practical aspects. We deal with people according to Islamic rules of fairness and equality, supporting people rights, giving them their rights back, preserving their dignity, spreading virtue and punishing unjust people etc. The dealing with people will be with high Islamic and practical transparency; this is written in our political program. We see the Shura system which relies on Ahlu Al Hilli Walaqd (wise and qualified people) –containing scholars and politicians-is the most suitable constitutional system for ruling Iraq. My best regards to you and I would like that you deliver to the American people my call for working together to get rid of the evils in their country and ours.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit these questions.

With regards,

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