Friday, 30 May 2008


Nasrullah to Iraqis: Now is your testing time

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hasan Nasrullah, following the swearing-in of the new
Lebanese president, congratulated Lebanese on the
agreements reached at Doha last week, reaffirmed the role
of Hizbullah as an armed group in defense of the nation,
and he also talked in his speech about armed resistance and
politics elsewhere in the region. Here is what he said on
the subject of Iraq:

To summarize very briefly about Iraq, where the American
occupation controls the land and its assets, they have been
playing in recent years the game of occupation and
democracy, and today we are starting to see what are the
aims of the American democracy in Iraq, and what are they?
To go back to the period right after the occupation, the
Iraqi people, who had been one entire people before that,
split into two parts, those that believe in the political
process, and those who believe in resistance, especially
armed resistance. We in Hizbullah naturally lean in favor
of the resistance, from the point of view of our beliefs
and our convictions, and from the point of view of our
political and real experience also. At a certain point they
provisionally supported the political process, but now they
have arrived at the difficult and decisive testing-point,
namely the stance vis-a-vis the treaties and agreements
that America wants to impose on Iraq and its people, and
America is demanding that the government and the parliament
sign them.

The aim of the American game of democracy now stands
exposed. They have opened up the case in front of everyone,
Islamists and nationalists, so that they now know who are
their friends, and who are their allies. They have shown
what the game is, setting up a "parliament" and deriving
from that an "elected government" so that everyone says
"parliament" and "elected government", and now the day
comes when they demand of this government and of this
parliament that they legalize the occupation, by agreements
that will give America sovereign authority over Iraq,
putting security, political decisions, oil, and all the
assets of Iraq at the disposal of the Americans--this is
the Americans, and this is where the believers in the
political process, whether Shiite Islamists, or Sunni
Islamists, or nationalists of any kind, will face their
test: You say you participated in the political process to
minimize damage; and you say you participated in the
political process to deter the occupation. But now comes
the test: Will you hand over Iraq to the Americans forever
and forever? Or will you take up the position that is
demanded of you by your religion and your Islam, and your
Arab nature and your morality, and your humanity?

Today in the name of all those that are assembled here, and
in the name of all free people in the Arab and Islamic
world, I call on all Iraqis, and all their religious and
political leaders, to take up the strong and historic
position and prevent the ultimate fall of Iraq into the
hands of the occupation. Like the Lebanese resistance, and
the Palestinian resistance also, the Iraqi resistance in
its many factions has been able to inflict loss after loss
on the American army, and now it is time to adopt the
strategy of liberation by resistance, just as the Lebanon
and Palestine have done. This strategy is the only means
available for the recovery of the wounded Iraq, wealthy and
strong in its people and its ummah.

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