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Babil police worried about calls for national resistance
Monday, June 23, 2008

In AlHayat this morning (Monday June 23):
Leaflets are being distributed on a daily basis in Babil urging a
fight against the Americans and the stockpiling of weapons, and some
residents awake to the sound of explosions preceded by enemy gunfire.

[A Babil police official] told AlHayat that "there are many sleeper
cells in the governate, which have perhaps taken the occasion of the
announcement of Sayyed Al-Sadr to appear and be activated, under the
umbrella of that announcement. And he added that among these cells
some are connected with the Baath party, and others are connected,
perhaps, with the Army of Heaven or other extreme Shiite movements.
(But none of the leaflets are signed, and AlQuds alArabi, in a story
this morning relating the same facts, says: "This [no claim of
responsibility] has led many experts to think that this coincides
with the call by Al-Sadr for the formation of special groups to
fight the Americans").

The Babil police official said those caught distributing the
leaflets are referred to the courts under the relevant laws,
stressing: "Under no conditions should we minimize these
developments, which could have such tragic ends". The reporter

AlHayat has obtained a copy of a leaflet which begins: "National
resistance is the only option for Iraqis for expelling the
occupation and its agents". The leaflet urges citizens to obtain
sufficient materials and to stockpile them "for when the zero hour
comes", and invited them to follow the internet and what is
broadcast there respecting "the armed Iraqi revolution", asking all
who become aware of these directives to distribute them among the

The leaflet said fighting in the ranks of the armed national
resistance is a sacred national obligation. This leaflet is not the
first of its kind in Hilla and environs. There were earlier leaflets
in the district of Abu Gharaq calling for fighting the Americans,
and another in the district of Wardiya Hajam (?) distributed by
the "high Islamic council" which they described as a terrorist

The other major Iraq story this morning in AlHayat is headed: "The
founder of the Amariya [Baghdad] Awakening says the Americans have
cut him loose and the [Iraqi] government is pursuing him." The
person in question, Saad Aaribi, alias Abu Al-Abd, is said to have
been a former Islamic Army in Iraq fighter, who was instrumental in
facilitating the spread of the Awakenings concept from Anbar to
Baghdad. The implication in this story is he is now

being "prosecuted" for pre-awakening resistance activities, but that
isn't spelled out. He is quoted to the effect his home has been
broken into, he doesn't know where his family is, and regrettably
this shows there was some truth in what AlQaeda said at the time,
namely that the he and other Awakening people would be liquidated
once they had served their purpose. Another Baghdad awakening
official said the same thing could well happen to him. A government
person is quoted to the effect this is nothing more than impartial
application of the laws.

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