Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Israeli air strikes kill five Palestinians and wound five others in Gaza

Palestinian Information Center

June 17, 2008

KHAN YOUNIS, (PIC)-- Five Palestinians were killed, four of them
reportedly affiliated with the Army of Islam, and five others were
wounded following two Israeli aerial attacks carried out Tuesday
afternoon on two cars in southern and central Gaza Strip.

Palestinian eyewitnesses in Khan Younis city where the first strike
took place told the PIC reporter that an Israeli military drone fired
one air-to-ground missile on a car traveling at the crossroads of
Al-Qarara, north of the city, which resulted in the death of four
Palestinians in the car and one passerby and the injury of three

Medical sources also told the PIC reporter that the victims were not
yet identified because their bodies were charred and mutilated beyond

The second air strike targeted a car in the Berka area in Deir
Al-Balah, central Gaza Strip, which led to the injury of two
Palestinians, also thought to be affiliated with the Army of Islam.
The Israeli warplane chased the two wounded Palestinian citizens who
abandoned the car after the strike and fired another missile at them.

Palestinian local sources reported that the two citizens survived but
were seriously wounded and transferred to the Aqsa Martyrs hospital
in Deir Al-Balah.

In light of this brutal aggression, the Hamas Movement underlined
Tuesday that the Israeli occupation uses two faces before the world,
one wants a truce to win the public opinion and the other is thirsty
for blood-shedding and destruction.

In an exclusive statement to the PIC, Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas
spokesman, said that Israel aims by the assassination of five
Palestinian citizens in Gaza to overthrow the Movement, destroy its
government and to reply with its usual well-known bloody message to
the truce efforts.

Barhoum called on Egypt in its capacity as the truce mediator to
respond to the Israeli crimes committed today through moving
immediately to open the Rafah border crossing for the transfer of the
wounded and to pressure the Israeli occupation to stop its ongoing
criminal operations in Gaza.

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